10 Tips For Preparing Your Child to Learn to Read


A great deal of a child’s reading success depends on the level of support that she or he receives at home. Children who are given the tools and the opportunities to learn to read both at school and at home have a better chance of success. The following are ten tips that can help parents know when they are on track helping their children prepare for reading success.

Tip #1: Read with and to Children Regularly

Reading at home with children is one of the best ways to ensure that they are ready for reading. It also sends the message that reading activities are fun and enjoyable. Parents should read with their children at least five times a week. Continue reading

Review of The Children Learning Reading Programs

Most parents of children between 3-5 years do not feel the necessity of teaching their children to read at home. “Where is the time and what’s the need when they will be going to school, next year” they explain. Understandably, when both partners work they are bound to be pressed for time. At best, they can spare an hour or so over the weekend, if there isn’t too much to do.

What if you were to learn that 15 minutes a day is all you need to help put your child on the path to reading proficiently. And it is hardly beneficial leaving it all to the school when you consider that:

1. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level,

2. The U.K. government’s Department of Education reported that 42% of children left school without achieving a basic level of functional English. Over 100,000 students leave schools functionally illiterate, in the UK each year,

3. The Australian Government Department of Education reported that 33% of all 5 -year old students cannot meet the benchmark literacy skills,

4. And in Canada, 42% of Canadians are considered semi-illiterate.

Unfortunately, the reason that makes these literacy statistics shocking is because in these countries English is the first language. Worldwide, wherever English is spoken but is not the native language, the results are generally more satisfying.

“Many in-service teachers are not knowledgeable in the basic concepts of the English language. They do not know how to address the basic building blocks of language and reading.” This is a finding from a study done at the Texas A&M University.

The Children Learning Reading program addresses all the foundational skills that will make your child into a super fluent reader. This simple, step-by-step program is designed to show you how to help your young child develop exceptional phonemic awareness skills, and reading capabilities. After an extensive review of over 1,960 clinical studies, the National Reading Panel has gone as far as to say that “teaching phonics and phonemic awareness produces better reading results than whole language (conventional) programs. Teaching phonemic awareness improves a child’s reading, reading comprehension, and spelling abilities.”

A major shortcoming of the conventional system is that children develop a tendency to guess, skip over, or replace words they don’t know and this hampers their ability to learn to read.

What you must remember is that your child’s vocabulary and reading ability in first grade strongly predicts the subsequent outcome in grade 11 and poor reading skills are a threat to a High School graduation. Research has shown that If a child’s reading difficulties are not addressed early, chances are that child will never acquire sufficient reading skills.

In Stage I, the Children Learning Reading program is designed to help your child develop exceptional phonemic awareness and reading skills and your child will have developed a rock solid foundation. Because children have very short attention spans, this program is designed to be short, simple, interesting, and extremely effective. Either parent will have to spare only 10 to 15 minutes a day. Stage 2 lessons are more advanced and you will be amazed at your child’s reading ability after completing the entire program.

As a parent you will learn how to properly sound out letters, read words and sentences when teaching your children to read. And let this system share with you key techniques and methods that are critical to teaching young children to read, and discover practical tips on how to best adapt this program to meet your needs to fit your schedule.

It is appreciated that there are many different approaches to teaching English. Some teachers prefer the whole-language approach, while others prefer to separate skills based on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The object of this article is not to denigrate any system of teaching or to cast aspersions on the ability of any individual to teach properly..

The Children Learning Reading program was designed for the requirements of the present- day children. Please go through this site, http://thetenminutetutor.com,  for new ideas and suggestions, and use the system only If you find it suitable for your children, and your method of teaching how to read.

About Speed Reading – How to Learn Reading Faster

Nowadays, many have been aiming to become skilled in reading. This aim does not only give them a good purpose but an opportunity for self-improvement as well. Improving one’s skill in reading is no longer a problem today as it is now easy to get help and learn about speed reading.

Many would ask why people would get really interested about learning how to read faster. According to some people who really love to read, this is a vast version of brain exercise which differs on what type of books you are reading. For example, reading novels is like watching a movie wherein you are the one who imagines the characters based on its descriptions. This allows you to practice your creative prowess. On the other hand, reading textbooks or playing some activity books is one way of practicing intellectual skills where you gain more information and think logically.

There are lots of conducive and convenient ways to study about speed reading. Learning the tips given will not be a bore. Instead, it can be very fun.

We understand that fun learning will help people get more interested on what they want to study on. So, here are giving 5 tips on how to learn reading faster.

1. Know why reading is a necessity for you – you have to know why you choose to read this certain material. Is it because you are told to do so or is it for the reason that reading soothes you? Perhaps, you may want to read for the fun of it. No matter what the reason is, having an idea of why you read will help you understand what you are reading about. Better comprehension will also increase your speed in reading.

2. Understand what you are reading – reading the preview of a certain material will help you get a glimpse of what the material might be about. This way, you will now be able to start comprehending the story before you read it in detail.

3. Build a reading location – having a good reading environment will help you get focus on what you are reading about. A reading room should be far from distractions such as television, computer games and other entertainment mediums. These distractions will slow your speed reading progress.

4. Watch your pacing when you read – watching your pace in reading is a way of controlling the rapid processing of information in your brain. Not only that you have to pace your reading but you have to take short breaks in order to refresh your mind and get ready to do more reading quickly as well.

5. Read from time to time – reading every time you get the chance will increase number of reading exercises which is beneficial to your aim of improving your speed as you read any material.

There are many ways on how you can learn how to read faster. To know how to read faster can provide many great opportunities aside from improving yourself. In some cases, you can work more efficiently and productively as you can finish more tasks in a day.

If you are aiming to learn about speed reading then visit this website, thetenminutetutor.com.

Learn Speed Reading Fast With These Four Keys

There are many different ways to learn speed reading fast. Many people will find tips on the internet or in articles like this one. Other people will buy a speed reading course to learn this very valuable skill. Learning how to speed read can take your reading speed from 200-400 words a minute to 600-1200 words a minute. This article is going to tell you four key steps you can use right now to increase your reading speed.

The four key steps in learning how to speed read is natural vision, visualization, relax and daily practice. The first of the four keys is natural vision. Natural vision is about seeing the words on a page like you would if you were driving otherwise known as peripheral vision. Reading fast means seeing words in groups instead of reading every single word. Using your natural vision is the cornerstone of learning how to speed read.

The second of the four key steps is visualization. Have you ever read a book and actually felt like you were watching a movie of it or got so into the book that you felt as if you were in the story. This is often known as dynamic comprehension. When you visualize what you are reading dynamic comprehension becomes easier. When this happens speed increases rapidly but it does take practice to happen regularly. The third key step to learning how to speed read fast is to relax.

To get the maximum benefit out of speed reading you must be relaxed when you read. The more tense you are the slower your reading speed will be. The previous two steps are far easier when you are relaxed. Dynamic comprehension is impossible when you are tense. So relax and let your mind be free.

The final key step is daily practice. Anything that you want to get better at requires practice. Just finishing a speed reading course will not triple your reading speed. Completing a speed reading course and using those methods on a daily basis is the way you can triple your reading speed. Try these four key steps and see your speed increase.

This article was written to provide you with four key tips that will help increase your reading speed. If you want to learn more about to speed read click on this website LearnToSpeedReadToday.com [http://learntospeedreadtoday.com/] The website will provide the benefits of speed reading and will also provide a free gift just for checking the website out. If you really want to learn how to speed read today don’t wait and order your copy today at the website.

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